Auto Repair Basics

Service sector in Indian industrial growth has obtained significant numbers. Automobile service industry is one of the largest in the world with a majority of the workers in unorganized sector of the industry. This study was carried out among auto service industry workers in Vellore urban area to assess possible occupation related morbidity.

Half (47%) suffered work related stress, 32 (30.2%) reported exposure to dust, 81 (76%) to heat, and 50 (17%) to hazardous chemicals and heavy metals. More than 90% reported over exposure to petroleum products. A third reported cough for more than 2 weeks, more than a quarter reported gastrointestinal symptoms associated with work. Half of them reported musculoskeletal complaints associated with work with a quarter reporting un-intentional work place injuries. A tenth of them were found to have reduced pulmonary function on testing and nearly half had impaired sensory functions in peripheries. Reduced pulmonary function was found to be significantly associated with heavy metal exposure (P = 0.001). Peripheral neuropathy was significantly associated with years of occupation (P = 0.001), exposure to petroleum products (P = 0.03) and exposure to heavy metals (P = 0.018).

Half of the workers were unaware of health problems associated with their occupational exposures and thereby the use of personal protection is abysmally low. A very high proportion of workers had symptoms of cough, breathlessness, abdominal pain, abdominal discomfort and muscle aches. Almost a quarter of the workers had un-intentional occupational injuries in the last 6 months. Though they work

The service sector of industry also known as the tertiary sector is one of the three major sectors in the industry. The service sector emerged as the major sector of the economy both in growth and share in gross domestic product (GDP) in the 1990s. This sector has shown uniform growth and has shown that it is resilient even to the economic adversities even during down turn of the industry.

The global automotive repair and maintenance services industry is expected to be worth almost $306 billion by 2015.[1] The Indian automotive aftermarket is currently estimated at Rs. 33,000 contributing 2.3% of India’s GDP.[2] The automotive aftermarket for parts in India is a large and growing market that spans manufacturers, distributors, retailers, service providers, and garages. The size of the automotive service market in India is estimated at 8-10  buy here pay here Birmingham   billion USD. It is estimated that 50% of this sector is unorganized.[3] The auto services sector currently employs an estimated manpower of 787, 7702 and increasing at the rate of 12% p.a.[4] This service sector is more prevalent in the rural areas when compared to the urban areas due to lower penetration of the organized sector into this areas.

Studies among this sector has shown employees suffer long working hours combined with poor remuneration and little social security, in the event of disease, disability, or death. The owners of such small workplaces are generally found to discount the health hazards and leave it to the workers themselves to manage their health problems.[5] Occupational risk among technicians working in these places range from exposure to various chemicals such as gasoline, benzene, lead, asbestos, exhaust fumes to work related accidents, musculo-skeletal trauma due to poor ergonomics at work places and psycho social problems like alcohol and nicotine dependence.[6]

Auto Repair Basics

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