Lighting Pole – Compillar composite lighting columns

High quality of materials used in production, ensure UV resistance. The smooth surface enables the simple removal of dirt and paste residue from your posters. Additional silicone coatings may be applied to the column surface to further improve upon its capacity to resist dirt and paste residue. Graffiti removal — paint traces can be removed with acetone solvent, without damaging the surface.

Columns mounted at the floor directly do not have metal parts that could otherwise corrode. Immediately buried columns withstand the corrosive effects of road salts, traffic pollution, and animal pee. Dew point is reduced, thus stopping icing and moisture impacting electrical control gear.

Glass-polyester combination is an insulating substance. Composite lighting columns¬†installed right on the floor does not have any metal parts that need earthing. There’s absolutely no galvanic connection between the column (directly buried) and busy installation wires or control gear.

Even in the case of a damaged cable insulating material, a moist column surface or vandalization, the buried column does not produce a dangerous touch.

A 60mm diameter aluminum sleeve mounted in the cover of the column enables simple link to luminaires or brackets.

The light column is mild — a 9 metre composite column weighs just 59kg. Columns can be handled by two guys. Transportation costs are reduced. Setup times are quicker than for conventional metallic columns. The pillar requires a more compact foundation than that of metal columns. Theft-deterrent — the pillar has no scrap value.

GRP composite sticks could be buried in the floor because of their corrosion-resistant properties. This installation technique is simple and cost-effective, as no definite functions are required. Light rods are formed conically in peaks of up to 9m in regular length. Compillar’s composite light sticks may also be constructed by bolts. This tapered round profile includes a completely corrosion-resistant composite foundation. The organization’s products are reduced in fat; for example, an 8m column is 40kg.

Lighting Pole – Compillar composite lighting columns
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