If you are looking to buy Oppo A5S on online stores, you will surely get disappointed. This Oppo A5S review will give you the lowdown on what this phone has to offer you. You would find out from this review that it is one of the hottest handsets around town right now. Read on to know more about this amazing phone.

The Oppo A5S is a very attractive budget oppo a5s mobile which comes with loads of features and fun accessories. It’s powered by a MediaTek Helio P35 quad-core processor which gives the A5S enough power to run most everyday apps and games such as PUBG: Mobile smoothly. The phone comes with 2GB of internal memory which is sufficient to store all your apps, movies, music and games. And the Oppo A5S also comes with a generous amount of memory space for additional storage.

One of the best things about the Oppo A5S is its bright and vibrant color. The phone comes in five great colors namely: Blue, Light Pink, Turquoise Blue and Pink. As these colors blend well with the environment, they are safe to use even outdoors. The dual cameras in the Oppo A5S allow you to take multiple pictures with a single click of the shutter. These two features in combination with the wide ColorOS 5.2 screen help you enjoy an amazing mobile experience. In fact, the vivid color support of this phone makes browsing through media files a pleasure.

If power does not matter to you, then this Oppo A5S features a waterproof body. The phone comes with two USB ports that help it charge up your devices such as digital camera or you can plug in your micro USB cable to access your phone’s MMS option. The MT6765 Helio PMX battery inside the Oppo A5S supports high charge rates and lasts long enough to let you finish your work. To keep your device running at top speed, you can apply a fresh battery every week.

However, despite having an amazing technology support, the Oppo A5S doesn’t try to stand out with fancy features or looks. The color of the device blends perfectly with the environment and is extremely easy to use. The phone has an extremely large memory space which stores all your favorite and frequently used applications. You can also download various games from the Google Android Store. The default text messaging application of the phone also comes pre-installed and is extremely functional.

The battery of the Oppo A5S lasts for a long time and one of the biggest problems with this A5S is that it needs a lot of charge. You should get the longest battery life possible for your Avantia Avanti. The Oppo A5S features a water-resistant body that does not get easily destroyed even when you drop the device onto a wet table. This impressive feature makes the Oppo A5S a must have smartphone for all fitness freaks.

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