Given our interest in experimental game teaching, it is important that there is no digital impact.
Academic performance games for school children were demonstrated. Due to medium factors and methodological problems of reliance on survey and assessment data
control, finding a clear result in this area is even more challenging. Only in the worst
This is affected by cases where children spend more than 15 hours a week playing digital games.
apparently relative to their peers (Lin and Lepper, 1987), although there are obsessive games
Behavior is related to poor academic performance rather than cause; any effect can also be caused only by a shift in domestic activity. That’s why the knowledge
and the skills gained from frivolous digital games are very different from the skills gained from
formal education, if the evaluation of education does not identify benefits or
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In fact, the clearest evidence of learning through digital games is the positive impact
perceptual and motor skills. Cognitive neuroscientists Green and Bavelier inform about it
It is natural that playing action video games leads to an overall improvement in visual skills. In different
words, perceptual learning that occurs while playing the game, generalizes to new situations
out of play; it is a relatively unique finding in perceptual learning that is affected by learning
always found, but does not go beyond the scope of the training task (Green and Bavelier, 2003). of
the authors hypothesize that digital games can change the “bottlenecks” within
architecture thinking that they increase the speed of visual processing and that they learn
better multi-tasking at the central executive level of knowledge.
Take advantage of experimental learning
Digital games are the most advanced and detailed digital media available for personal use
users and includes built – in knowledge of interface design, aesthetics and design
interactivity. Historical games used all possible technical software,
whether it’s building online communities, creating complex graphic worlds, or making it possible
simultaneous cooperation between players at a distance. The latest games are a very different game
genres that include, in addition to action games, simulations, strategy, role-playing,
games, puzzles and adventure games. Good game design in these genres will engulf the user
rich interactive digital microworlds. Players can fly a jet fighter or grow directly
civilization (Civilization, Age of Empires, Alpha Centauri); can start a family)
Sims), create a new species (Creatures), explore more interactive environments (Shenmue), or
participate in fantasy / role playing (Final Fantasy VIII). The latest games are heavily promoted
game concept. The diversity and complexity of games is taking on another dimension
cooperation game perhaps an online game that can now contain many
other players. Second Life does not have many features associated with the game,
and certainly not a winner or loser in the ordinary sense of the word. Players act with each other
animated avatars in this virtual environment, creating and using social structures.
These next-generation digital games are much more complex than ever before.
pre-digital games. They often require players to know what the goals are
game, what are the rules that govern the game and how to implement or achieve goals.
Critical information may be intentionally withheld from players. Players are confronted with a
a confusing sequence of information where to dedicate the secret logic of the game
find order and meaning in visible chaos. This ambiguity should be sufficient
It focuses on learning and is one of the reasons why digital games can always be confusing.
Players must constantly research an approach based on hypotheses and tests before they understand the game
explains why some games can last up to forty hours. Other games use history
scenario represented in depth enough for players to develop their knowledge
presents events. Players must learn to control the interface controls in order to implement them
play and eventually become an expert in using these controls. The same is not the case with
their game at the strategic level. Digital games cannot be played simply by solving any challenge like this
Upon arrival, it is essential to develop a problem-solving strategy in order to balance the requirements
competitive interests and limited resources. Playing digital games has become more
Exercises in planning and managing complex tasks: “It is a search for order and meaning in
world and make decisions that will help create this order. (Johnson, 2005). Research that
can demonstrate experience in learning this skill in digital games that have never been done before,but the value of such skills is unquestionable.

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