Yes, they are water resistant. You will not need to store these air track in a container after every training session. They can also be reused. Let’s see how to clean them and make them more productive:

Cleaning Process:

If you wish to clean them, you should place them in the washing machine. You can also take them out of the washing machine and then soak them in a washing powder for about an hour. You can also wash them again in a chemical detergent. Just make sure that they are not damaged, as their durability will be greatly affected by this.

Kameymall’s Best Air Tracks:

Kameymall offers water resistant tracks that are waterproof, odorless, mold- and stain-resistant. You can simply throw them away the moment you are done with your exercises. These tracks are also good to wipe off sweat and dirt. You don’t have to keep the mats in a bag, or put them in the washing machine. These tracks are reusable and can be used again and again. The track is easily detachable and can be used for another workout. You can wash the mat with a normal washing machine on a gentle cycle.


Thus, the best thing about using an air track mat is that they are extremely waterproof, affordable, and durable, as they do not require any modifications.

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