If you want to reach your target audience on YouTube, then you should choose video advertising agency

The some companies  that have become the best manufacturers based on 6 principles: expertise, communication, service, value, customer feedback and consumer experience.

Intelligent eye animation
Sharp Eye Animation started as a movie animator in 2012 and grew into a full-fledged video marketing organization as part of its ongoing YouTube marketing strategy. . Consecutive MarCom Awards (2018 & 2019) from the Association of Business and Communications (AMCP) with Former Google Founders and YouTube Certification Team. Starting at $1,000. Pros: Ex-Google, personalized customer service, reasonable price, YouTube creative team certification.

Cons: Groups only accept a small number of users at a time.

Interactive Joystick
Joystick Interactive Joystick Interactive is a fully-fledged digital marketing company that strives to maximize business benefits through the integration of technology, information and personal advertising. . Past customers include Mercedes and Walt Disney. The simplest setup and maintenance starts at $10,000.

Pros: Excellent creative team, extensive YouTube marketing experience, comprehensive service, YouTube recommendation.Tyle.io is a video creation platform that you can use to create YouTube video broadcasts in seconds. The platform has 1.5 million pre-made templates, users can create videos, and Tyle measures content to fit any medium. Most options start at $49 USD/month.

Pros: Users can create videos for multiple social media platforms quickly, cheaply, and easily.

Cons: The self-service model presents issues for users looking for professional help/information and for users only for the pre-service model.

To note
Credits is a monthly service that aims to connect publishers and designers. Users pay a monthly fee and receive monthly credits that can be used to purchase YouTube content (and other creative content). Most options start at $5,000 per month.

Advantages: Consumers have access to a wide range of technologies worldwide (US, Asia-Pacific, Europe) and can work on the YouTube advertising industry.

Cons: High monthly fees, 3rd party retailers don’t guarantee delivery. 5. Kaizen Announcement
Kaizen Ads creates YouTube ads specifically for mobile devices and recommends pre-screening designers for users. Most options start at $500.

Pros: Cost effective, takes 7 days, ad format is optimized for mobile users.

Cons: Advertising on YouTube is not good for desktop, requires users to benefit from ad creation (no art created from scratch), only 2 edit requests and groups sometimes reported non-professionals. 6. Kazam
Kazam is a creative organization that combines digital ideas and designers to create stunning films for a variety of digital platforms, including YouTube marketing. Most options start at $10,000+USD.

Bidding Crowd
VidMob is a video production platform that connects users to a network of editors, animators, and designers. We encourage our clients to create compelling video spectrum content across all social/digital channels, brands and languages. Most options start at $5,000. Pros: Submit an information-driven YouTube advertising business, experience working with big names.

Disadvantages: high cost, aware of the disadvantages of graphics, and automatic racing models are not suitable for many designers.

Genero is a platform that connects consumers to a global network of YouTube ad designers. Most options start at $10,000. Pros: Users can create a variety of creative ads and work with designers in many countries (designed for local competitions).

Cons: Expensive, as this is a 3rd party market, we cannot guarantee performance.

Vamp is a social influencer creator network that helps consumers create videos for the YouTube advertising industry. The network follows best practices and new ideas to deliver great video content for YouTube broadcasts. Most options start at $10,000.

Pros: Mobile app available, ideal for connecting business brands with people in a highly trusted community.

Cons: Expensive, limited to social media influencers, mobile app technology has been reported as buggy.

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