Imagine if you could create a book featuring a specific customer as the hero/hero of your storypersonalized birthday book.

  1. S. “Fletch” Fletcher & Kathy Newbern, two highly creative writers, founded a business in 1992 giving readers the opportunity to appear in their own romance/adventure story.

Romance novels sell well, and generate a quarter of a billion dollars in annual sales. How many romance novels are sold?

Fletch and Kathy founded They were the first site to offer personalized books. They created the books using a computer and bound them themselves with plastic glue bindings.

Their business has become more sophisticated. Today, they use Print On Demand technology and create high quality hardcover and perfect bound novels. These books can be personalized for each reader. Fletch, Kathy, and their dog, Gracie, are avid travelers and travel enthusiasts who spend a lot of time traveling the world in search of romantic locations to write about.

Online profiles are created by readers. They provide 26 details about themselves including their eyes, hometown, and driving history. You have the option to choose from different settings and stories.

In less than a week their unique novel will be online.

Fletch and Kathy typically handle 65% of their business over the week before Valentine’s Day. They have actually done around 200 interviews for radio, TV and print. This has earned them media coverage in People Magazine, USA Today, The View, The Today Show, and many other publications.

What can this story teach you?

Did it inspire you?

Personalized books were what I immediately thought about.

Distributed to employees from businesses

Conference attendees

Highly paid coaches or consultants often have high-paying clients

Patients of specialists physicians

Readers from various age groups

This idea is not suitable for everyone. However, today’s Print On Demand Publishing makes it easy to create personalized books. It sounds like fun.



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