What’s a typical Morning? I Hope Not

My blender was not aware of my intentions on the morning February 15th. I was about discover that you shouldn’t trust appliances without doing your heart check. My household servant became the treadmill God used as a stress test for my spiritual fitness. Evidently, I was not in good shape and needed some adjustment.

It all began in a typical morning. I was trying my best to get my husband out of bed with breakfast, but my son wanted to disrupt our peaceful home. My nerves were getting more and more intensePaw Print.

My kitchen island had seen less traffic since I had been lazy the night previous. You could find Valentines with various candy sprinkled all over. I tried to make Duane’s drink, despite the chaos and the fact that you couldn’t have Lifesavers or taffy for breakfast.

Blender was used to make one glass of chocolatemilk and two cups of protein mix. With one turn of the switch, my morning transformed into chaos. I should have worn glasses when I checked my settings. Or was it my electric servant who had a mind of its very own?

Chocolate Rain

My husband’s morning breakfast fell to the earth as if it were a chocolate rain. My pajamas, island, cabinets and floors were all drenched. A thick, runny, and likely to be sticky mix ran in rivulets around the area.

Now what do you need to do?

Did I get mad? Did I make a joke? Did I act like an amateur sport, or did I just suck up to it? Nope! None of the above. I gave in to my self-pity. I cried and wondered why anyone would have the courage to adjust the setting of my blender. There was someone to blame.

My face began to swell with crocodile tears. While my son began screaming, “That freaked us out!”

I began to chant, under my breath. This exposed my true condition, “Why do you, Why me?”

Through Different Eyes

My mop was in the closet and I was overcome with emotion. To Ellie Mae’s dismay, she began to complain about the mess. There she was, her “pig tail” of tail waving furiously at what she believed to be one delicious dish. I pulled her away, grinning through my clenched teeth, “Dogs can’t have chocolate,” she said.

Clean up

Three rinses later I had completed the first round. Unfortunately, my feet started sticking to the floor and making suction sounds every step. All I could do was scream, “UGH!”

Finally, everyone was gone so I began round 2. I brought out the steam cleaner and three cleaning cloths. There were three. Who knew chocolate milk contained glue? My clock made me mock with its taunting tones as it reminded of an approaching meeting with Heart to Heart Ministry. I couldn’t miss its irony.

God is Speaking? Yes!

As the light began to shine through the windows and reveal seemingly hundreds more tiny paw prints throughout both the great room (and the kitchen), shafts of light began to enter the rooms. More tears came, falling like raindrops on a stack of valentines left from eight-year-old antics. One stubborn tear was met with what I think was an intentional splash of water in the middle. Good Sportsman Award Valentine, you cannot be beat!

Back to Momma

Mama’s old saying, “Children don’t need to weep over spilt milk,” began to reverberate within my head. With her words in view, I didn’t dwell on any circumstance nor let an out-ofcontrol blender ruin my day. I picked up the valentine, drenched in salty tears. The sweet chocolate was sweet and sweet. It was time to get a new perspective.

Healthy Paw Prints

My treadmill may not have broken the record but my heart reached a whole new level of spiritual fitness.

If we are willing to let it, even the most sticky mess can become a wonderful recipe of instruction. Like Ellie Mae, our eyes will see the beauty and we’ll leave sweet paw prints to show that we have a healthy soul wherever we go.

Journals of Heart was created to help people develop a relationship with the Lord and provide prophetic insight.


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