The proper preparation is the most important aspect when it comes to repairing cracks that appear in an asphalt surface for parking. Before fractures of the asphalt are able to fill, they must be thoroughly cleaned. It is recommended to run the cracks with a hot lance to scrub off any dirt. It is important to eliminate any water that has accumulated in cracks. The heat lance will assist in drying out any moisture hiding in the Crack Repair.

The next step is to apply the asphalt on the crack. The first step of applying the crack filler is warm it to the temperature needed to allow it to fill the gap between the crack and seal the crack. It is important that the sealing agent is applied at the proper degree. The sealant for cracks should not be any higher than the current asphalt on either side that the crack. A lot of the time, an asphalt contractor will employ an instrument such as a squeegee, to level off the rubberized asphalt , while it’s still hot and flexible. When there is oily spots visible on the parking lot it is important to address them in the same way. Your contractor must be aware about a solvent-cleaning used to oil spots to release the oil.

After you have treated the cracks properly, you’ll need put a sealing agent on all the surface area of your asphalt. This should be done when the temperature is over fifty degrees. The sealant usually takes least four hours for drying. It is recommended to allow each coat to completely dry prior to applying the following coat.

The final stage of the process of maintaining your parking area should be completing the striping or markings that you require to re-do or modify. Parking lot markings must be completed in compliance to ADA regulations along with local regulations. Your current contractor is likely to be able assist you in the markings or striping of your parking area.


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