Check out this article for important tips on improving your math skills. You can easily calculate  how many minutes is 120 seconds .You can apply this information to any math strategy you learn.
Focus on understanding meaning
You can memorize patterns and rules for solving many math problems, but that doesn’t mean you understand key concepts after you do. This not only makes it difficult to fix the problem, but also makes it nearly impossible to absorb new information. Taking the time to make sure you understand why you’re doing what you’re doing can go a long way to improving your math skills. Classes

Explore new ideas and solve problems
Jumping straight into a solution can be frustrating and confusing. Study the textbook and focus on the class. You should also respond to any instructions the trainer has before completing the task. This gives you time to assimilate what you learn.

Additional solutions
Even with math, practice makes perfect. If you are struggling with a particular type of problem, additional solutions may help you improve. You can start with a simple problem of the same type and make it more stressful when you find a solution easily.

change the problem word
Some students have more difficulty understanding math words than others. You can also read these problems aloud or present them. Being able to hear or see problems can give you the help you need to improve this calculation. Use math in real life
Understanding why and how important numbers are will give you the motivation you need to keep applying. Think of concrete examples of the use of mathematics and consider some of the mathematical concepts used in these situations.

Exploring online study options is a great way to get the math practice you need. You can use this class to watch short videos about the math concepts you learn in class. You will also find interactive questions and attempts to help you apply what you learn. This course aims to help you:

Algebra I
Algebra II
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