Would you like to save your life or that of a loved one or other honored person in a book? Each life is unique and deserves to be saved ever. There are a sprinkle of licit jotting enterprises that give professional jotting services to individualities and pots to write particular histories, lives and biographies.

To save your own history, that of a loved one or of someone you respect in a book is the ultimate homage to a life well lived and the stylish gift you can conceivably give. A many enterprises can professionally write your memoir or celebrity biography.

Still, what will be your heritage? As your loved bones age important recollections will fade and ultimately be lost ever, If you fail to pass on what you’ve fulfilled or learned. Do not let this be.

Although there are celebrity hagiographers, you do not need to be notorious to save your life in a book. A life well lived is good of preservation in a book.

How to Write A Memoir

Whether you are writing a memoir about your own life or that of a loved one, conserving the record of your life is veritably important.

The pen should sit down with the person whose life is being featured in the book, or if that person is no longer available, go to those with information about the person, and conduct interviews, to collect all of the applicable information. He’ll also go through all of the available records, other interviews, letters, papers, or other publications or jottings about the person, to be incorporated into the story of his or her life.

A lot of people have formerly given a lot of study to their memoir jotting systems before they communicate a pen. Thus, the pen must hear veritably precisely as they explain what it’s they wish to convey through the jotting.

A book or memoir can also help you establish” environment”for misknew events. It occasionally becomes necessary to set the record straight. A professional memoir or bio pen can help you tell your story in a conclusive manner, clearing up misconceptions that may have preliminarily agonized an association, person or product. History, after all, belongs to those who write it.

As a result of decades of writing books for guests, I’ve developed an easy to understand 5 Step Process.


Once the pen has agreed to write your book, he’ll set up a schedule when we can begin the process of collecting information for your book.


On the day listed the interviews-with you, or those you designate-the pen should come to you or you go to him, and sit down with you for 2 or 3 days and record a series of interviews with you.

Step 3- Jotting

After the interviews are completed, the pen will begin the jotting process.

Step 4- REVIEW

When the first draft of the handwriting is finished, it should be handed to you for your review, corrections, updates, and input. You also return it for corrections and updates.


After the pen has had a chance to review your suggestions and corrections to the first draft, he should rewrite the handwriting to reflect those changes. Also he’ll deliver your handwriting toyou.However, he’s done, If you feel it’sfinished.However, he’ll rewrite it again, until you’re satisfied, If you have fresh corrections and suggestions.

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