People who have learned to earn money by betting on sports long ago, often attempt to give novices or those who are new to the sport an impression that the betting procedure is straightforward. People who have been in the business for a long time may tell you things like: “Yeah, if you want to get in on the action, you just bet up to 10% of your bankroll, then the bookie gets the opening line from Vegas, but the oddsmaker may move the line to protect his vig-and of course you’ll want to pay close attention to the spread, which is essentially a handicap that sportsbooks use to increase game competitiveness from your perspective; that also affects the overall handle.” What? If this makes not make sense to you in any way, then you need to know the sports betting terminology is the first step to earn money gambling on sports go on 토토사이트.


Action: Any form of bet, including betting on sports.

Bankroll: The total amount of money that you’re willing to risk for every bet on sports.

Bookie: A person [as as opposed to a business entity who processes and accepts bets.

Handicap: In the sport betting world, handicap refers to grant either a team or an opponent the advantage of scoring points or points in the hope of bringing the playing field. Handicapping is the practice to predict the outcome of a contest for betting purposes, such as betting against the spread. A team that is preferred less than the spread still has the advantage in the game however, all bets placed on the team that is favored would be lost.

Handle: The sum of money bet for a specific sporting event.

Juice: The amount billed by the sportsbook or bookie to provide their services. Same as the profit or Vig.

Money Line: It is used instead of spreads on points as a kind of handicapping technique for low-scoring sports such as players in ice hockey and baseball and soccer.

Oddsmaker: The people who look into and study sports and establish the betting lines.

Sportsbook is a business entity that processes and accepts bets.

Spread: Also known by the name “the point spread” is an essentially a handicap utilized in high-scoring sports like football and basketball to make matches and games interesting from the bettors’ viewpoint.

Vig percent of all bets placed by the sportsbook or bookmaker earns as profit bookmaker’s commission from losing bets, and charges made on bets made by casinos or gambling establishments. Origin: Short to “Vigorish”, which is taken from the Yiddish the slang term “Vyigrish”, the Russian word that means “winnings”]

The previous sports betting vocabulary list should provide you with a good start but it’s just the an adage “tip of the iceberg” when it comes to understanding how to earn money from betting on sports. I hope you’ve found this article helpful


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