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Joe Corley FAQs:

Houston Field Office

500 Hilbig Rd Conroe, TX, 77301

If you want information about inmates at this facility, you can call (936) 520-5000 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. When calling, prepare your own biography, including first name, last name, hyphenated first name, any aliases you may use, date of birth, and country of birth.

The prisoners could not answer the telephone. If you need to call an inmate for emergency information, you should call (936) 521-4000 and leave the inmate’s name, alien registration number, your name, and the number you can to call. Your message will be sent to the inmate.

Parking: Free public parking is available. Disability Access: A place that does not discriminate on the basis of disability and provides disability-related services to inmates so that they can access services and activities accordingly, as needed.

Visiting hours:

men to meet

Adult visitors must present a valid government-issued ID to access the site.

Children visiting the home must be accompanied by an adult caregiver (18 years or older). Children should not be left in the waiting room, study room or any other place. Lawyer visit:

The detainee’s legal representative can meet the applicant at the following times:

Lawyers and/or lawyers can visit detainees 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A list of free (free) legal persons is displayed in every prison and other appropriate place. This list is updated quarterly. If an inmate wants to see a representative or organization representative, it is the inmate’s responsibility to call them to make an appointment.

Access restrictions:

All family or other visits have no contact. No weapons or firearms of any kind are permitted in the area.

Guests will not be permitted to visit if under the influence of alcohol or alcohol.

All visitors will be searched in the room.

Visitors will not deliver or attempt to deliver items to inmates.

Visitors are not permitted to bring any items onto the tour site. Research process (before or during the visit)

Any applicant entering a facility or research facility will be subject to a personal search, property inspection and metal exploration. Individuals who refuse to participate in appropriate surveys will not be permitted. Weapons or firearms of any kind are not permitted. The use of electronic devices (cell phones, pagers, radios, etc.) is not permitted within the security of this facility.

Send goods to prisoners:

The letter sent to the detainee must include the last 4 digits of the detainee, the A number (telephone number) and the sender’s name and address. To improve site security, all mail is checked for illegal items.


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