If you are one of the hundreds of thousands who watched the caricature collection, then you definitely probable already know approximately Yugi’s Dark Magician. A few players reading this text might also even have complete decks formed round Black Chaos or Dark Magicians. In case you have got finished the latter, you’ll probable need to make sure you a specific card for your deck: The Dark Magician Girl.

The card can and can be the ideal card to praise your magician primarily based deck. Why? Because, Dark Magician Girl not best begins with 2000 assault power, however the card also gives a unique ability. The unique capacity is that it’s attack strength is raised by means of 300 for each unmarried magician card in both participant’s graveyard, or each!

Think about going face to face towards a participant with a magician deck even as you concurrently use your personal magician deck. Playing this card after some magician cards have hit the graveyard can help your Dark Magician Girl effortlessly spoil 3000 attack magicien annecy electricity and turn out to be a exquisite powerful monster.

The card is probably an extraordinary, but it could effortlessly be really worth paying more to get a keep of simply to feature to your duelist arsenal.

Clearly the real Dark Magician card is still greater powerful than “the girl version” since it has the equal special ability in addition to being capable of growth attack power for all dragon cards. However, the usage of each playing cards in combination can make both substantially stronger. Owning one or the alternative need to motive you to don’t forget getting the opposite card considering the fact that they praise each other so properly.

Even greater effective are the Chaos Magicians. Despite the reality that those magicians have higher assault strength, in case you lose them in play they are able to every add three hundred assault electricity on your Magician Girl. Using those magicians first can be a sturdy way to open an assault even as the use of your lady card to bat clean up after losing them, and make her comparably as robust as each of the Chaos Magicians. Finally, you could follow up with a Dark Magician and have an assault energy of 3700!

Clearly there are numerous methods to play those cards in aggregate and you’re recommended to try them out in your very own.

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