The most current data released through the World Health Organization indicate that an expected 2.Three million human beings in India are living with HIV. The united states also has the sector’s fourth biggest populace suffering from AIDS. The precise news is that HIV fees in India have fallen dramatically, dropping by over 3 million in just a -12 months time span. That reduction in the virus owes itself in massive component to extra sizable usage of checking out and extra correct and early detection checks, which include HIV PCR checking out.

Earlier this month, “The Times of India” launched an article titled pcr test at home dubai “DK dist shows decline in HIV instances,” DK standing for Dakshina Kannada. With a incidence price of zero.75% Dakshina Kannada district runs better than the country wide common of zero.Sixty nine%, but “whilst 1,245 nice [HIV] instances were detected in 2007, this yr there have been only 815 till October quit.” Sadly, 5% of these 2010 cases have been pregnant girls who, without HIV-fighting drug remedy, will likely pass at the virus to their babies.

Fortunately, “nevirapine (a drug used to deal with the HIV infection) routine with pregnant women has seen mother-to-infant transmission cases come down notably.” Administered to each mom and baby within 72 hours of giving birth, nevirapine usage is accompanied up while the toddler reaches six weeks of age with DNA PCR (HIV-1 PCR) testing for the contamination. Positive or bad, at the 18 month mark, the HIV antibody (HIV-1 Abs) test is then finished to affirm the preliminary effects.

Why is the HIV PCR check the first path of movement? Because it’s miles lots extra sensitive than different HIV checks. Rather than looking for the HIV antibodies, it seems without delay for the seasoned-viral DNA. As a result of its complexity, the HIV-1 PCR test is 99% accurate at 28 days or more from a suspected contact or exposure. It’s this sensitivity that makes PCR the industry’s selected testing layout in high-chance professions and conditions, inclusive of where toddlers are born to HIV-effective mothers. What’s extra, this check may stumble on the presence of HIV before seroconversion, while the virus is plenty greater treatable and the opportunity of a cure still exists.

Now the identical ultra-sensitive HIV PCR trying out that excessive-risk nations like India believe their newborns’ AIDS health with, may be acquired by using the overall American population anonymously, adequately, accurately and with speedy consequences. The country wide leader in direct to consumer lab checking out has partnered with two of the nation’s largest laboratories to carry HIV-1 PCR check consequences to the affected person in two to 5 enterprise days. And not like the Indian little one scenario, this test ordering and processing facility combines the HIV PCR take a look at with the HIV-1 antibodies check for instant affirmation of the consequences.

Short for Polymerase Chain Reaction, the PCR take a look at examines DNA on the lookout for the particular strands of the HIV virus. And because it’s miles an instantaneous test for the presence of the DNA HIV virus, it alternatives up the DNA of the AIDS virus in an infected man or woman’s blood an awful lot more sensitively and accurately than the conventional Elisa test.

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