Should you operate an Automatic Greaser together along with your Hydraulic Hammer (Breaker)?

Many Hydraulic Hammers proprietors and operators frequently ask themselves whether or not or now no longer to put in an Auto Greaser on their system. The accurate solution honestly relies upon in your software and circumstances. If you’ve got got requested your self this question, right here are a few matters that you could need to thing into your decision. Click here to read more about hydraulic breaker chisel manufacturer

The blessings of Auto Greasers for Hydraulic Hammers:

– Assures right lubrication (in phrases of each amount and exceptional) of Hammer on a steady foundation.

– Greatly reduces the opportunity of contaminants coming into a hammers’ running gadget thru the outside grease fitting.

– Can boom running productiveness through as a whole lot as twenty-5 percent (25%) daily, because the operator does now no longer want to forestall hammering rock to carry out guide lubricating operations.

– More common revolutionary greasing, in smaller amounts, outcomes in much less viscosity loss and breakdown of the lubricant.

The negative aspects of Auto Greasers for Hydraulic Hammers:

– Cost. Auto Greasers can value over 1000 greenbacks ($1,000.00) relying in your system and model.

– The danger of failure. Should the greaser fail or run out of lubricant throughout hammer operation, and the situation have been to hold undiscovered for an prolonged period, the end result may be a complete breakdown of the hammer itself, requiring substantial repair.

– Over lubricating. Should the greaser now no longer be set correctly, there additionally exists the danger of immoderate lubrication ensuing in petroleum leaking into the soil developing an environmental issue.

When determining for your self whether or not or now no longer to apply an Auto Greasing System, ask your self the subsequent questions:

1. How many hours in line with week can we plan on the usage of our hydraulic hammer?

Time is money. An Auto Greasing System is a awesome answer in programs wherein system usage is paramount. By lowering system scheduled renovation downtime, system manufacturing cycle instances may be reduced, immediately growing product yield.

2. How a whole lot dirt is created through the fabric I am breaking?

High degrees of dirt are a number one argument for proponents of vehicle greasing. Grease pumping thru the hammer on a steady foundation maintains smooth lubricant withinside the device and retainer hollow space and contemporaneously maintaining dirt debris out.

3. Do I perform in severe warm or bloodless temperatures?

Extreme temperature versions can create immoderate gelling or liquefaction of popular petroleum lubricants. Application of lubricant extra regularly in small batches can stabilize the ambient grease withinside the device hollow space.

Conclusion: Although a few dangers exist, many proprietors and operators have observed that the negative aspects of an vehiclemobile greasing gadget may be mitigated thru a vigilant renovation gadget. In this context, frequently instances it makes greenbacks and feel to rent a exceptional vehiclemobile lubricant gadget.


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