There are various portable eBook readers for the consumer to choose from. The qualities described in this article are very beneficial to all considering purchasing an eBook reader. Average cost for these devices can range anywhere from 200 to 500 dollars. These devices aren’t cheap but are a very good investment which is why you should do a little research when deciding which reader best suits you.

Qualities of the Kindle Dx

Sleek Design-Very slim design only adobe reader indir measures to be about one-third of and inch.

Storage space-Capable of storing up to 3,500 documents, books, and PDFs Without a memory accessory such as USB or memory card.

Wireless-Supported by 3g wireless with allows you to download books anywhere at anytime without costly fees on contracts.

Battery Life-Allows you to go numerous days without charging the device.

Text to Speech-Capable of reading books, newspapers, and magazines to you aloud.

Quick Download ability-Capable of downloading books directly to your Kindle Dx in less than 60 seconds without use of a PC.

Large Display-9.7 inch e-ink screen with various contrast for perfect text and clear images. Also has adjustable text size and a no glare effect perfect for reading anywhere.

I was very skeptical when choosing the perfect PDF Reader for me just as anyone spending this amount of money on a device should be. These qualities listed should help narrow down the list of worthy products. The Kindle Dx’s features are amazing and there aren’t many products which can compare. The only downfall of this pdf reader is its above average price, but its one product that is worth every penny spent.

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