Even if you just become familiar with a bit on solar illumination, you could significantly impact the amount you spend on electricity and drastically reduce carbon emissions, as well as the impact in the global climate. Some studies claim that we spend 50% of our time in darkness, under a light source. If we could decrease the amount of power required to make the light source, it could have a major impact.

It is possible to reduce this energy use in two ways: first we could replace our standard bulb with more efficient compact fluorescent lights that consume less than 25 percent of the energy required by the typical bulb and can last as long as 20000 hours. If we can combine less consumption of energy with the ability to generate our own energy (by using sun’s rays to generate electricity) solar street light manufacturer .The advantages will be huge.

According to the International Energy Agency, we will require 60 percent more power in 2030 than we did at the start of the century if we are to be able to fulfill the energy requirements of the world. This can be accomplished by relying on fossil fuels to power our power stations, however all estimates of the oil reserves of the world say they’ll begin to run out around 10 years after that number has been attained. According to my calculations this doesn’t mean we’ve got an energy policy that is sustainable for the long term which will last beyond the middle of this century.

If you are within the United States, you might have observed an increase in the use of solar power in things like street lighting as well as business and public buildings. While the cost of solar-powered lighting were once only available to those who were able to afford it. However, now the technology has evolved enough that it’s now within easy reach of every citizen.

It is not the only place you can make use of solar energy. It can power any appliance in your home provided your system is designed properly, but it’s the ideal way to begin with a few ideas that are easy to implement:

The solar-powered compact fluorescent light This kind of lighting is a inexpensive option, though they are slightly more expensive to purchase initially. The higher initial cost is offset in large part due to the time you get from each bulb, and the significant reduction in operating costs. They generally produce 4 times the amount of light for every power watt and last for as long as 15 times more time than a conventional light bulb.

Solar LED lights or Light emitting Diodes (or LED) are not bulbs in any way, they are solid resin crystals with a light emitting chip embedded within the. LED’s emit a pure form of light that has exactly the same wavelength as daylight that is why they are extremely efficient in producing the kind of light that meets our requirements. They are also more costly to buy, however you will enjoy the same benefits that you do with fluorescent lighting.

The benefits of solar-powered lighting in your home are numerous. They’re extremely efficient, use very less energy, and they can last for quite a period of time. If you’re looking to prevent a disaster in energy and also help protect the planet They are an excellent starting point on a long road.


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