There are many myths approximately college and the university experience. The records beneath is to assist you in dispelling the some of the myths about attending College.

Myth: Your faculty university consultant can provide you with all of the statistics you need to recognize approximately attending university.

Fact: College advisors can only provide you with restrained information about college acceptance, attendance and financing. With the increased level of opposition to go into college, it’s miles vital that you searching for out sources on your very own.

Myth: Most dad and mom (and college students) have a financial savings plan for his or her child to wait university.

Fact: Very few households shop earlier. If you have not commenced saving via now, the fine manner can be to reap funding thru scholarships and grants or via imposing the equipment to attend university for FREE. Financial useful resource is every other viable aid and can be an powerful manner in supporting you with the value of college.

Myth: You must be really smart to wait university.

Fact: There is a college for absolutely everyone who wants to attend and every person who’s inclined to observe and put forth the effort to graduate.

The Numbers

14.5 million college students are enrolled inside the 3,638 US based Colleges; 12.Five million are enrolled on the undergraduate stage.

Seventy nine% of college students attend public faculties; 21% attend personal colleges.

Fifty six% are complete time college students.

23% are minorities.

70% are enrolled within the university of their first preference.

81% attend colleges in their home nation.

50% of all university newbies come from households with earning of $30,000 to $seventy five,000.

45.2% of American adults have a few college schooling.

U.S. Census Bureau; U.S. Department of Education.

With economics being the way they’re, and the fee of living persevering with to boom, we wonder why greater humans do not attend college. Many are of the perception that college is still an unreachable aim. This may be due to the fact their parents in no way attended university. It may be due to the fact the ones round them have informed them that college is tough or that they’ll never make it through the college technique. And, this cannot be further from the truth! Anyone who wants to attend university can go to university and a college schooling is the nice manner so that you can assure expert fulfillment.

A university training suggests which you have the tenacity to take the subsequent step in instructional fulfillment. A college schooling indicates that you made the selection to become a well rounded character and that you’ve taken the time to observe a few topics that can be out of your comfort area. Yes, you’ll need to observe English, math and science. You might also even have to look at chemistry, physics and biology, however when you finish, you may have understanding on numerous topics that you couldn’t gather any other way. That is the authentic cause of college on the undergraduate degree. To make you a generalist, with the purpose of you becoming a specialist in a particular vocational vicinity.

A latest study indicated that 78% of high school college students need to attend university. This look at in addition precise the 3 top motives why most college students don’t attend college. The 1/3 most frequently cited motive why college students don’t attend college is because their mother and father failed to attend. But there are numerous things which you try this your parents failed to do. Your parents did not have 3-D video video games, your parents did not have MP3 players nor did they grow up with the concept of going green. Throughout your lifetime you’ll do numerous things that your parents have no longer done. So announcing that your parents did not do it’s far a susceptible excuse.

The second most stated cause why some college students do not attend university is due to the fact they don’t know what to look at. Many human beings aren’t positive about what they need to do with their lives. Just because you are now not certain of your destiny does no longer suggest that you want to emerge as stagnant. College will disclose you to many professions and opportunities that you may now not be aware of. College will make you aware of vocations within vocations and professional possibilities that may be best on your character. So that is virtually not an amazing purpose now not to wait.

The number one cause noted as why college students do now not attend college is finance. Money! And once more this is ridiculous. Financial resources should now not function a trouble in your attending university. Funding is to be had through various resources, thru numerous corporations, thru diverse approach for all people who wants to attend college. And all of us who takes the time and a little effort can quickly and easily locate and make use of those resources.

Last 12 months over $three hundred billion dollars changed into to be had in college scholarship and university aid funding, and a excessive percentage of this funding become never accessed due to students no longer looking, no longer making use of and now not utilizing the resources to be had.

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