Designer clothes and designer jeans are produced by top fashion retailers, designers, and independent boutiques of designer. Designer Jeans and Designer Clothing are named such because they were designed by an internationally renowned designer, or design group instead of being created by a seamstress or tailor. It is true that the history behind designer clothes has been around for many centuries, however it wasn’t until the Second World War did it actually become a major trend. As it was rebuilding its economy France found a cultural and cultural gold mine with their modern Paris show.

Modern-day Fashion design may be credited to being created via Charles Frederick Worth. He was the person who first introduced Haute Couture (and the subsequent media attention) all over the globe at The Parisian Fashion Show. Haute Couture can be described as the extravagant side of fashion that is strongly influenced by Art and nature in addition to the practicality of the clothes and its practical use from the point of view that of wearers. A lot of fashion designers will launch haute couture in fashion shows to boost their profile and also the image of their traditional collection of clothes. A lot of haute couture items are expected to fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars to wealthy fashion collectors. Charles had put the label on the clothing.

With the attention of the world all eyes are at the supernova of fashion that Paris could be, the world of designer clothes had been born. In the late 40s Designer Eleanor Lambert decides that wants to draw some focus to Paris and towards his hometown in New York Ciy. He organizes an event called Press Week, at which the event promotes his and his colleagues’ fashions. The new event was launched with the same enthusiasm than the Paris events The event “Press Week” grew into what’s now the legendary New York Fashion Week event. This was Eleanor Lambert that also established the most prestigious fashion list which is a comprehensive list of the fashion worldjeans fabric suppliers.

Gabrielle Coco Chanel plays a part in the fashion of today as well as being responsible for the introduction of America designers to the limelight. Chanel was the designer of the very first wool-blend sweater that was a huge hit with women. Chanel owned a boutique known as Chanel Modes located at 21, rue Cambon.

The first designer jeans that were recorded were Levi’s jeans. Levi’s jeans are famous due to their denim rivet. Check out any pair of jeans that you are wearing; do you notice those tiny metal studs, or rings around certain areas of the jeans, typically in the pockets and on the outside? They’re designed to keep the material solid and Levis designed them! The Levi’s logo is a representation of two horses with red eyes, but the most famous and well-known brand is the ‘Red Tab A small piece of red clothing that is attached to the back pockets on all Levis jeans, and in a prominently placed on other Levi’s clothes.

The explosion of designer jeans to popularity took place in the 1970s and the 1980s. The latest trends and fashions in jeans and denim usually originate from women’s clothing and are later adopted by guys. One good example would be that of the Jordache label of denim that came out in the 70s and 1980s, one of the first brands to be sold in mass market. The initial designs were for women, but a men’s collection was later launched. The main reason Jordache was popular was the fact the fact that it was the first to create an extremely low-rise boot cut jeans. The leg was slightly flared in order to accommodate larger boots. However, the jeans were tucked comfortably around the hips rather than half-way across the body. Other brands were slow to catch on and Jordache enjoyed a near-monopoly on this design. However, Jordache exceeded their limits by diversifying their offerings and licensing, and eventually, the brand vanished from the limelight. Jordache is still around but it is only an ebb and flow of popularity. Currently, the majority of its revenue is derived from the production of licensed denim as well as through investment in other businesses.

Designer clothes and designer jeans have had a relatively humble beginning in the market in general, but they have become a significant aspect of global economics as well as the lifestyle of the people. For many who live in a fashion-conscious society, fashion is a way of lifestyle. Even though a lot “designer” clothing has appeared uninspiring when compared to the highs of the 90s, it’s still prominent in shopping on the high street. Multinational department stores carry collections of various designers and you’ll be difficult to locate an area or city without an abundance of Levi’s and Wrangler jeans. The designer clothing market has been in fashion for a long time and has maintained enough interest to guarantee it’ll be in fashion for a long time as well.


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